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Time2Buy identifies unmotivated browsers and makes them 25.90% more likely to buy
Time2Buy (patent-pending) convinces shoppers who probably won't buy to make a purchase, while leaving likely buyers alone. Begin your free trial or view our case study.


It works right out of the box, but gives you all the power and control you need.
Easy to get started
We install it for you and it works out of the box. No customization or complex integrations needed.
We provide excellent support, but you probably won't need it.
We only show you the important stuff without drowning you in the data.
Crowd Wisdom & One Click a/b Testing

Remarkably easy-to-use yet innovative features give you the power you need and the control you desire at no extra cost. CrowdWisdom makes it easy to uncover money-making opportunities by comparing your settings to our network's top performers. And our one-click a/b testing tool lets you measure the precise impact Time2Buy has on your revenue and summarizes the results in an executive-style dashboard. Why did we create the easiest a/b testing tool you'll ever use and give it to you for free? Because we're confident Time2Buy will make you money.


A special offer accompanied by a patent-pending countdown timer creates urgency and increases your conversion rate and average order size
Increases site-wide conversion rate instantly
Monitors shoppers as they browse your site and reveals a time-sensitive offer to unlikely buyers making them 25.9% more likely to buy
Targets "tire-kickers"
Boost profit margins and acquire new customers by offering incentives to unfocussed shoppers.
Displays persistent countdown timer and offer
The unobtrusive yet persistent countdown timer has a psychological impact that motivates shoppers to buy immediately from you rather than comparing your prices to competitors.
Tightly integrates with your cart

Shoppers won't need to write down or remember any coupon codes. Offers are loaded into their cart automatically based on their behavior. Want to require minimum cart size to boost average order value, exclude brands subject to MAP, or accommodate international customers? No problem, that's all included because Time2Buy integrates tightly with your cart.


Only pay for results. No setup fee and a free trial when you sign-up now.
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Unlike others we publish our prices clearly on our site.
Free setup and trial
If you're on a supported cart we'll install Time2Buy for you.
Time2Buy acts like your virtual sales person giving you the control you need to win more sales. Begin your free trial or view our case study.
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